What would your kids do in danger?

PJ Clark, a Lake Oswego resident and the mother of two young girls, says she wants her children to be prepared when tragedy strikes.  Clark has a bachelor’s degree in law and a graduate degree in criminal justice. She ran a criminology-focused research firm in Oregon for a while, based on juvenile offenders with a variety of clients across a few states. She’s read a lot about criminal offending, interviewed a ton of kids and their families and tried to apply some of that knowledge to her own life as a parent.

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Feeling 'as light as air' with Helia Megowan

LOHS sophomore Helia Megowan, who stars as the Snow Queen this month in a ‘Nutcracker’ adaptation, dreams of a career as a professional dancer

It’s a rare moment when Helia Megowan isn’t dancing, but it’s easy to see why the Lake Oswego High School sophomore is so committed to ballet.

“The moment I step on stage, I feel as if I’m as light as air,” Helia says. “I also love the wonder in the faces in the audience when I first step onstage, and the thought that I might be inspiring someone or making someone feel joy (or any other emotion) through my dancing.”

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Surf Contest Makes Waves on Central Oregon Coast

Jason Garding, the primary organizer for the event, held the event as a benefit for a grade school water club. One unusual aspect of the Team Cup was the four person teams used for the contest. Usually in surf contests, surfers are competing as solo competitors, against the other surfers in the water. In the Team Cup, surfers were organized into teams, and surfed cooperatively. Teams were made up of employees from varied Oregon surf stores, and surf related companies. Jason describes the event. “You had to get all four surfers on the team to score at least one decent score per heat. After you get a good wave, you’re better off rooting your teammates into a few. If you’re sitting on a solid six-point wave you’re probably not going to improve on that much. It’s better to make sure your buddy, who may only have a 3, improve his score.”

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