What would your kids do in danger?

PJ Clark, a Lake Oswego resident and the mother of two young girls, says she wants her children to be prepared when tragedy strikes.  Clark has a bachelor’s degree in law and a graduate degree in criminal justice. She ran a criminology-focused research firm in Oregon for a while, based on juvenile offenders with a variety of clients across a few states. She’s read a lot about criminal offending, interviewed a ton of kids and their families and tried to apply some of that knowledge to her own life as a parent.

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Feeling 'as light as air' with Helia Megowan

LOHS sophomore Helia Megowan, who stars as the Snow Queen this month in a ‘Nutcracker’ adaptation, dreams of a career as a professional dancer

It’s a rare moment when Helia Megowan isn’t dancing, but it’s easy to see why the Lake Oswego High School sophomore is so committed to ballet.

“The moment I step on stage, I feel as if I’m as light as air,” Helia says. “I also love the wonder in the faces in the audience when I first step onstage, and the thought that I might be inspiring someone or making someone feel joy (or any other emotion) through my dancing.”

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