Lemonade Stand with a Twist

Contributor to this article which published in the Lake Oswego Review

When her fourth-grade daughter told Pamela Clark that she wanted a car, Clark laughingly told her to get a job.

Julia Clark won’t be driving for a while yet, but the lessons she learned over the weekend will no doubt last a lifetime — and help her classmates at Forest Hills Elementary School, too.

Using her mom’s suggestion as inspiration, Julia enlisted her sister, Lauren, and her friend, Holly McDowd, to open a lemonade stand “for a bit,” just to see how much money they could raise. But Pamela Clark and Holly’s mom, Kara McDowd, added a twist: Why not set up the stand in two different places to see if location matters when setting up a business — and use the results for the girls’ upcoming Science Fair project?

Julia, Lauren and Holly agreed to try the experiment, opening their first stand in front of Holly’s house in First Addition.

“While the location was not ideal, the girls lucked out with timing by holding the lemonade stand right after school,” Pamela Clark says. “First Addition is heavily walked at that time of day, and the girls enjoyed brisk sales to kids and teachers walking home from school.  They made $17 in one hour.”

For their second stand, the girls wanted to find a heavily trafficked location in Lake Oswego. They settled on the Zupan’s Market on Boones Ferry Road, where store director Grant Meisner agreed to let them set up out front on Sunday.

Despite the rain, the girls made $39 in an hour — proving, they say, that location does matter in setting up a business. But Pamela Clark says there was another lesson learned: “That the people of Lake Oswego support their schools and the kids of the community.”

As a result, the money won’t be going to Julia’s first car. The girls have decided to donate their profits to the Forest Hills PTO.

“I had fun spending time with my friend Holly and Lauren, and having a little business,” Julia says. “I’d like to thank Zupan’s Market for letting us hold our stand there!”